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Equipment and Capabilities

Modern machinery, high-end technology, and numerous capabilities constitute to an all-encompassing approach to production.

Our assembly capabilities and component technologies allow us to undertake a wide range of different projects and complete them to the highest standard possible.

With customers including global companies in sectors such as aerospace and defence, automotive and medical, our IPC trained production team can transform your idea into a fully tested product.

Our capabilities and technologies include:

Assembly Capabilities

  • Through-hole and Surface Mount (SMT) assemblies
  • PCB Handling up to 400x500 (mm)
  • RoHS Compliant Production
  • Non-RoHS Production (where permitted)
  • Automated Optical Inspections

Component Technologies

  • Passive components from 0402
  • QFP 26mm² with pitch down to 0.3mm
  • QFP 32mm² with pitch down to 0.3mm
  • QFP 55mm² with pitch down to 0.5mm
  • Odd form SMD components

Mydata MY12 Hydra

The Mydata MY12 is one of the most popular and versatile placement machines. The MY12 has 144 feeders and is capable of performing both high-speed mounting and fine-pitch placing, depending on its configuration. Also, it can place a wide range of components, from QFP to BGA and CSP, reinforcing its place as one of the most flexible placement machines available.

Dek 265

The Dek265 is a semi-automatic screen printer that has been designed specifically for use with surface mount assemblies. With a focus on flexibility, performance and accuracy, this pick-and-place machine is capable of handling a variety of board sizes, spanning from 2.8 x 1.5in up to 20.1 x 20in. Thanks to this functionality, we are able to accommodate a similarly wide range of projects, from minute box builds through to large-scale assemblies.

Ersa Hotflow 5

The ERSA Hotflow 5 is a specialist reflow oven that is capable of both leaded and lead-flow soldering.

With its four vertical heating zones, the Hotflow 5 delivers a controlled reflow process that delivers controlled and gradual results. As well as four separate heating areas, the machine has a fan-assisted cooling process and additional top and bottom heaters in the reflow chamber.

YesTek ScanSpection SS15000PAL

The ScanSpection utilises two groups of algorithms to inspect component placement and soldering and highlights potential deviations. The results of this automated process are then checked over by one of our quality engineers, who will go through each error individually to ensure accuracy. This specialist inspection machine, when used alongside our Inspex HD station, gives us unparalleled scope to check each board’s quality prior to it being shipped.

Ersa IR650A

The Ersa IR650A is one of the most versatile rework stations that is currently on the market. Although a modular system, the IR650A is incredibly flexible and has been designed to accommodate component sizes ranging from 1x1mm through to 60x60mm.

It is also fitted with a high-resolution camera, complete with motor zoom, to aid with the precise alignment of component connections to lands.

Other features include individually controlled top and bottom heaters and a programmable pick and place function.