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DJ Assembly's 1 Year Guarantee

 We have a one-year quality guarantee which means that you can feel confident every time you receive a delivery from us.


We are so confident in our production team and processes that if in the rare event the boards you receive fail to meet the agreed specifications within 1 year from date of delivery, we will rework or replace the boards, free of charge so you can feel confident every time you order with us.

Product Delivery Guarantee

Over the last 6 months our on time delivery rate was 98.89%. Not only that, out of the 98.89% delivery rate 63.20% of the products were delivered manufactured early which gives you the confidence you’ll hit or even beat your product to market time-scales.

Being a highly credible UK EMS provider we understand, that when production schedules are at stake, it’s crucial that your products are delivered on time. This means on receipt of your order we can give you a detailed build schedule from programming to packaging and automatically give you progress reports if required.