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Automated Optical Inspection

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) is a key technique that is used in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards.

Each populated circuit board is scanned and checked for faults, ensuring that each finished board that leaves the production line is of the highest quality possible and free from faults.

AOI is an incredibly important and major part of our quality and testing procedures.

Due to the continuous advancements in technology, the boards that we manufacture today are far more complicated than the ones that were produced just a couple of years. With modern components smaller than they have ever been, boards are typically compact and contain hundreds of soldered joints. And because of this, problems, almost invisible to the naked eye, can occur.

As the inspection is done by a computer, the process is capable of highlighting a wide range of potential defects. This could be something as simple as flagging up a missing or incorrectly placed component, or something far more detailed and nuanced, such as defective soldering and minute surface scratches.

No matter the size of scale of your project, we thoroughly check each printed circuit board for any deviations. By ensuring that our finished articles have been manufactured correctly, we are able to offer our customers the safety and security that comes with the DJ Assembly guarantee.