Flexible Solutions

Flexible Solutions

flexiblesolutionsWhatever the sector and whatever the project, DJ Assembly will be able to provide you with a bespoke solution to your printed circuit board assembly and electronic manufacturing needs. With a manufacturing facility fitted with the latest equipment and the ability to offer an industry-leading test, design and prototyping service, we can work with you to turn your ideas into a reality – and send completed products to the bottom of the ocean and to the top of the highest peaks.

We know that every circuit board and every project is unique, and that is why we pride ourselves on being a flexible EMS provider.

Thanks to our years of experience and tailored approach to project management, we will endeavour to create a bespoke plan that fits the needs of you and your project entirely. Whether you want to create a taximeter, a state-of-the-art optical and infra-red camera or a luxury bath, we can help.

If you would like to sit down and talk through your ideas, or just simply see how DJ Assembly can improve your existing designs and production lines, why not schedule an appointment.

You choose a time and date and we’ll ensure that there are the tea and biscuits.