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Prototype Builds

prototypingDJ Assembly specialises in building small volume, prototype PCB assemblies. With a rapid turnaround time, worldwide procurement network and specialist electronic designers, we make the prototyping stage of product development as hassle-free as possible.

Prototyping is an incredibly important stage of product development as it not only aids in validating the design, it can also highlight potential problems and validate manufacturing data early on in the production cycle. A strong prototyping process is invaluable, and whether you’re embarking on a brand new project or looking to take an existing design to the testing stage, you should work with DJ Assembly.

All of the services that we offer – from component procurement through to inspection and testing – is done from our base in York, England. This ensures that we have complete control over the entire process and can iron out any kinks well before the first test board is put into production, providing an efficiency of service that is both quick and correct.

Recent prototyping projects that we have undertaken spans a large field of expertise and includes work in the marine, power circuitry, optical and medical sectors.