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It’s not you…it’s us!

Due to our factory re-fit, as you are aware, we are closed towards the end of May and we will not be manufacturing any orders. Over the shut down, we are also re-juggling our server connections which will result in limited access to our phone lines and email availability to all staff on Monday 20th May 2019.…


‘It’s endearing to see this trust and confidence in employees.’

After a fantastic few days at Southern Manufacturing last month, it was wonderful to read the below from Ryan Parsons from Wurth Electronics:

A very good exhibition at Southern Manufacturing In Farnborough this week! A highlight for me was meeting Karen from DJ Assemby (stand next to Wurth Electronics).


Its Love, Actually!

What is it, that most influences the average customers choice of PCB assembly partner?

It’s a question we think about on a regular basis as we contemplate the next iteration of our marketing program in long, dreary meetings with stressed, dreary people all trying to come up with that miraculous idea that will make all the people in the world that buy PCB’s suddenly love us more than every other similar company.…


Our Phones are Playing Up!

We are really sorry but our phone provider is having issues and whilst you can call us we cant hear you!

If you have an issue please call 07977 447712: we are all here!…


DJ Assembly Announces Management Buyout

DJ Assembly is going it alone!

Earlier this year, DJ Assembly’s management team bought out the company to drive DJ forward.

After successive years of growth, acquiring new business and helping brilliant companies across Britain to design, develop and manufacture a wide range of innovative products, we felt the time was right to break away from the Cyclops Group.…


How Can You Overcome Current Lead Time Increases?

The trend of above-average demand for electronic components has continued during the first quarter of 2018, causing overall market availability to decrease, manufacturer lead times to rise and some products being placed on allocation.

Because of this, we would encourage everybody to work with their CEM to compensate for these tricky market conditions.


Building a Renewable Future

Something remarkable happened to Britain’s national power grid this summer. On 11 June a record 70% of all electricity generated for the UK’s homes and businesses came from low-carbon sources, such as solar, wind and tide.

That day was a glimpse into the future.


Providing a Best of British Manufacturing Service

From agriculture through to the film industry, the Best of British tag is used to signify quality on both the national and international stage. In the post-Brexit era, this hallmark will be used to open doors, make trade deals and boost our country’s economy.…


How can a CEM add value to your supply chain?

The global electronics market is enjoying a buoyant year, posting sales figures that are between 15% and 20% up from this time twelve months ago. This headline statement may make for good reading for those in the industry. For many original equipment manufacturers and contract electronic manufacturers, however, this increase in both sales and revenue is causing problems.…


Vacancy: Inspection & Test Technician


We are looking for a talented individual with a keen eye for detail to join our production team as an Inspection and Test Technician.

The suitable candidate will, ideally, have experience of working with electronics and be knowledgeable about all relevant testing, control and quality procedures.…