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Providing a Best of British Manufacturing Service

From agriculture through to the film industry, the Best of British tag is used to signify quality on both the national and international stage. In the post-Brexit era, this hallmark will be used to open doors, make trade deals and boost our country’s economy. And with good reason: Britain and British companies have been leading […]

How can a CEM add value to your supply chain?

The global electronics market is enjoying a buoyant year, posting sales figures that are between 15% and 20% up from this time twelve months ago. This headline statement may make for good reading for those in the industry. For many original equipment manufacturers and contract electronic manufacturers, however, this increase in both sales and revenue […]

Vacancy: Inspection & Test Technician

THIS VACANCY HAS NOW BEEN FILLED. We are looking for a talented individual with a keen eye for detail to join our production team as an Inspection and Test Technician. The suitable candidate will, ideally, have experience of working with electronics and be knowledgeable about all relevant testing, control and quality procedures. We can offer […]

Chinese researchers have developed a safe way to recycle Printed Circuit Boards

The number of printed circuit boards that are manufactured each year is growing at a rate of nearly 9%. Two of the world’s biggest producers, Taiwan and China, are alone producing more than 200 million square metres in a twelve-month period. These boards then make their way into electronic devices, from data sensors to mobile […]

Why are Electronic Component Lead Times Rising?

The first half of 2017 has seen electronic component lead times increase, the result of ongoing capacity concerns, the fallout from recent, high-profile mergers, and a sharp spike in demand. Rather predictably, this had led to a flurry of speculation that supply chains are about to suffer from long-term shortages. Many people have started to […]

From Concept to Completion: A DJ Assembly Case Study

With a history dating back to the 1880s, Tinius Olsen is one of the premier manufacturers and suppliers of precision testing equipment. Used the world over, the machinery that Tinius Olsen design are used to research how materials such as metal, polymers and textiles perform under extreme stress. Playing a critical role in numerous Quality […]

Counting The Cost of Copper

Earlier this year, the share prices of the world’s leading mining companies were on the rise. Evraz, saw its value increase by 6 percent whilst BHP Billiton, Glencore and Antofagasta all saw modest single-digit growth. The reason for this upward trajectory? Demand started to outstrip supply at a rapid rate. Over the past year to […]