Providing a Best of British Manufacturing Service

Providing a Best of British Manufacturing Service

From agriculture through to the film industry, the Best of British tag is used to signify quality on both the national and international stage. In the post-Brexit era, this hallmark will be used to open doors, make trade deals and boost our country’s economy. And with good reason: Britain and British companies have been leading innovation for decades, if not centuries.

The electronics sector is no different. Today, more and more OEMs with global aspirations are actively looking for a UK-based partner to help design, build and test their products.

In this highly competitive market, how do you go about finding a class-leading service? Some businesses will be drawn in by an attractive costing figure that’s used as bait. But a basic price point doesn’t tell the whole story. So what should you be looking for?

For many, the answer will lie with the value-added services that a company is able to provide.

Value-Added Services

At DJ Assembly, we are committed to providing a complete and tailored approach to the production process. With over twenty years’ experience as contract electronic manufacturer, we continuously adapted our practices to offer the very best when it comes to design work, PCB assemblies and supply chain management.

Our flexibility as a CEM enables us to unlock savings for the businesses that we work alongside.

With our stock holding facilities, we are able to facilitate individual call-off arrangements where deliveries and payments are made on ‘as needed’ basis over the course of a period of time. This removes the need for our customers to tie up capital and frees up valuable funds across their entire supply chain.

Another way in which DJ Assembly provides a Best of British service is through our ability to create an economically competitive and broad supply chain. With links to the Cyclops Group, we can eradicate commonly held fears about sourcing, such as allocation and securing stock of obsolete and long lead time parts.

And with IPC-trained staff (up to Level 3), you can rest assured that your boards and products are assembled to the highest possible standard, right here in the United Kingdom.