Is this the PCBs’ ‘Polaroid moment’?

Is this the PCBs’ ‘Polaroid moment’?

Prior to the prominence of Polaroid, photographers had to make do with an elongated process to develop their photographs, involving a darkened room and a mixture of chemicals.

When Polaroid released their instant cameras and associated films, the American company successfully managed to turn the creation of photographs into a simple point, click and wait procedure.

Recognised by the University of Toronto at its annual Inventions of the Year awards ceremony, Printem, a Canadian-based startup, could have given the world of PCBs its very own ‘Polaroid moment’.

It is hoped that Printem’s creation could radically alter how PCBs are manufactured, enabling domestic users to produce their own boards with the aid of a printer and sheet of specialist film.

All users would need to do is design their PCB and print it onto the Printem film, expose it to a light source and then peel off the top layer of film. Once done that, users will be left with a fully formed – and working – printed circuit board.

All this can be done in under two minutes, dramatically reducing the cost of creating prototype products and basic components, something that the company’s co-founder Varun Chadalavada was quick to point out.

Whilst this breakthrough could fundamentally change the way that prototype and small-scale PCBs are made when dealing with larger scaled scheduled runs and PCB assembly, working alongside DJ Assembly remains one of the most practical and cost effective solutions around.

Given that the majority of OEMs want to avoid incurring the cost of owning high-end equipment and employing a highly skilled workforce, outsourcing remains a sensible approach.

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