‘It’s endearing to see this trust and confidence in employees.’

‘It’s endearing to see this trust and confidence in employees.’

After a fantastic few days at Southern Manufacturing last month, it was wonderful to read the below from Ryan Parsons from Wurth Electronics:

A very good exhibition at Southern Manufacturing In Farnborough this week! A highlight for me was meeting Karen from DJ Assemby (stand next to Wurth Electronics). Karen, works on the Surface Mount Production line (for many, many, many years) and has never been customer facing. This year, she challenged herself and asked management if she could take a step outside her comfort zone, and was subsequently invited to attend the show. It was amazing to see her transform in confidence throughout the week and gain some quality leads for the business. It’s people like Karen that keep manufacturing in the UK going and it’s endearing to see this trust and confidence in employees. I hope everyone had a great time at the exhibition. #southernmanufacturing #wurthelectronics#djassembly#iot#wireless#sensors#whosonthiertoes?”

DJ want to invest in their staff as much as possible to ensure they get the challenges and opportunities to keep them satisfied and reassured they are truly valued. It was lovely to hear Ryan’s kind words and a big shout out to Karen for stepping outside of her comfort zone and smashing it!

Karen’s reflection on the week at Southern was summed up as follows:

I felt immensely proud to be representing DJ at the exhibition. Although it was way out of my comfort zone and completely new to anything I had done before, I grew so much in confidence over the week and felt alive speaking to so many lovely people – both visitors of the exhibition and companies that were exhibiting. I was very impressed with the set up of the show and surprised at how many companies are in the electronics industry! It was a wonderful experience and one I would love to repeat, I would go back in a heart beat.

Thank you DJ for the experience, and thanks to everyone at the exhibition for making it such a rewarding few days. I now have a whole new outlook on certain processes, have more confidence in talking with both prospects and customers and I understand more about what it actually takes to get the boards in front of me at the SMT machine. I’m proud of myself and I’m proud of DJ, so thank you.

Here is to many more employers offering lots of opportunities to staff in the future and employees seizing the day and stepping outside their comfort zone.