Its Love, Actually!

It's Love, Actually!

Its Love, Actually!

What is it, that most influences the average customers choice of PCB assembly partner?

It’s a question we think about on a regular basis as we contemplate the next iteration of our marketing program in long, dreary meetings with stressed, dreary people all trying to come up with that miraculous idea that will make all the people in the world that buy PCB’s suddenly love us more than every other similar company.

Is it Delivery? (well, don’t we all do that?) Is it Technical Ability? (how many times do you see ‘Hooray! We have invested X pounds in a technowizzywotzit!!!’ with no explanation of how this will help you, the customer?)

Other options are Where Its Made (as if Electronics are some sort of Cornish Pasty or Yorkshire Pudden’ better for being made in a specific place) or Price, the epitomous refuge of the bad salesperson who assumes your affections are for sale to the lowest bidder.

The reality of course is that it’s none of these and at the same time so many of these, it’s a combination of many factors carefully embellished with the Electronics ‘X’ Factor, that undefinable feeling that the company and the people love what they do, love working with the customers they work with and like all good love stories, make their customers fall in love with them in return.

And that’s how DJ tend to go to market: it’s a seduction, a love affair, and a long-term marriage all rolled into one. Yes, of course we have all the latest kit, yes, of course we deliver on time, yes, we make everything in the beautiful city of York in the (Love)heart of the UK… and yes, every product comes with a solid no-nonsense warranty. Yes, Yes Yes….. what else would you expect of one of the UK’s most respected PCB Assembly companies?

But what we can’t put on the posters and the business cards is the one thing a solid love affair needs, the hint of passion, the fiery meetings and the regular calls which tell you how much we appreciate you. We love what we do, we love who we do it with and we would love you to love it too.

So, why not stop at stand E60 and have a chat, a flirt or a tease. You never know where todays brief encounter might end up…!