From Concept to Completion: A DJ Assembly Case Study

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From Concept to Completion: A DJ Assembly Case Study

With a history dating back to the 1880s, Tinius Olsen is one of the premier manufacturers and suppliers of precision testing equipment. Used the world over, the machinery that Tinius Olsen design are used to research how materials such as metal, polymers and textiles perform under extreme stress.

Playing a critical role in numerous Quality Control processes in the construction and engineering sectors (to name but two), Tinius Olsen has exacting standards when it comes to their manufacturing partners – and rightly so.

Unfortunately, after a turbulent period with an existing supplier, Tinius Olsen needed to look for a new contract electronic manufacturing company.

“We have exacting needs for our sub-contract partners,” explained Mark Youings, the Managing Director of Tinius Olsen’s UKs operations.

In order to find an EMS that could meet their high standards, Tinius considered a number of UK-based manufacturers who could provide them with immaculately assembled boards and also help secure their supply chain against counterfeiting.

For everybody involved in the manufacturing and electronic sectors, counterfeiting remains a massive problem.

But for Tinius Olsen, a company that manufacturers material testing devices, the presence of a forged component could endanger lives.


After experiencing problems with their original electronic manufacturing partner, Tinius Olsen approached DJ Assembly to help with the box build assembly of a power transformer. With over 130 years’ experience, they are the number one choice in the field of precision testing equipment and they needed a firm that could meet and surpass their exacting standards.

We helped Tinius Olsen with the procurement of materials, conducted pre-production checks and established a custom manufacturing and delivery plan. Through this, we secured Tinius’ supply chain, reduced inventory costs and shortened lead times – all while producing work of the highest quality.


The initial challenge was to assess the technical drawings that Tinius Olsen had provided.

After going through these plans, we conducted pre-production checks to ensure that the boards were designed as efficiently as possible and that the most cost-effective components would be used during the assembly process.

From this, we then started to procure all the necessary materials. Thanks to our strong relationships with manufacturers and franchised distribution channels, our highly-trained purchasing department quickly secured the required stock.

All parts were inspected upon arrival to ensure their legitimacy and once these tests had been conducted, they were cleared to be used for production purposes.

Due to Tinius Olsen’s business model, it was essential that their assemblies were available with as short a lead time as possible.

As one of the biggest names in their sector, they regularly received large quantities of orders that needed to be fulfilled quickly.

Because of this, we worked alongside Tinius Olsen to create a bespoke Just-in-Time (JIT) manufacturing schedule that would easily meet fluctuations in demand.

Coupled with our stockholding facilities and tailored delivery options, we not only significantly reduced Tinius Olsen’s existing inventory costs but we also substantially cut their expected lead times as well.

  • Manage the procurement of all materials
  • Conduct bespoke pre-production tests
  • Create a personalised manufacturing and delivery timetable
  • Reduced lead times and inventory costs
  • Secured supply chain
  • Streamlined the manufacturing process

“In a short time period, DJ Assembly have stepped up to the challenges of producing high quality printed circuit board assemblies… Along the way they have acted in a professional and timely manner and ensured that all communication channels were used to overcome any inevitable start-up issues.”

Mark Youings (Managing Director of Tinius Olsen UK)


By providing a raft of value-added services, from pre-production checks through to a flexible manufacturing and delivery schedule, we were able to streamline Tinius Olsen’s existing supply chain.

The result of this allowed Tinius Olsen to meet the demands of their customers, all whilst providing them cost-savings and product efficiencies. We have continued to provide Tinius with printed circuit board assembly work for a variety of projects.

You can also download a PDF version of this case study.