PCB Design Services

PCB Design Services

designservicesArguably, the circuit board design itself is the most important part used in the assembly process.

Whether the board be a one-off for a quick prototype or for a full-scale production run, the design can make or break or product.

For example, an inefficiently designed board could impact performance, one that makes use of soon-to-be obsolete components could bring about an expensive redesign, whilst one that has been poorly laid out could cause issues for the manufacturing team. Because of this, whenever we approach the designing process, we consider its impact all the way across the production chain.

Our design partners call upon decades of experiences and the power of CAD systems to produce exceptional, efficient and economical results.

And as they have worked in numerous industrial sectors over the years – including high-tech areas such as medical, defence and aerospace – they are aware of the unique demands that each project has, and what is the best way to approach each design.

With the expertise available to us, we will be able to come up with the most cost-effective design for your printed circuit board and we can even offer BOM and manufacturing analysis.

Our Design Services include:

  • Prototyping and Certification
  • Design Simulation
  • PCB Layouts (including SMT and BGA)
  • Schematic Design
  • Firmware and HDL
  • BOM and Manufacturing Analysis

Our PCB design service can....

Reduce Costs

We can assess your existing Bill of Materials and schematics and recommend a new plan that’s cheaper and more efficient, saving you money in the short and long-term.

Improve Functionality

By going through your current design and components, we can make recommendations and improvements that can incorporate new features and new functionalities.

Utilise New Components & Technology

By making use of new assembly methods, the size, cost and power consumption of your boards could reduce, opening up new capabilities going forward.

Secure Your Supply Chain

By making use of our design service on a regular basis you can guard against problems associated with obsolescence. We will strive to utilise parts with a long working life, saving you from having to contend with the costs associated with a complete redesign.

Ensure Reliability

Our designs will make use of the latest parts and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, which can reduce board complexity, component count and increase reliability.

Ensure Standards Compliance

New designs will ensure compliance with the latest standards, potentially opening up new markets and avenues for your business