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Box Build

The end to end solution

The guiding principle behind the DJ Box Build Division is that DJ can assemble products more quickly, cheaply and accurately than clients are able to. What this means to the customer is that all or part of production can be outsourced to a reliable third party with a fixed price for each assembly.

Complexity Delivered In A Single Order

DJ Box Build provides greater control, a known production cost and the ability to scale overhead with growth.

In addition to basic assembly services DJ can partner with trusted third parties to produce complex cable projects, CNC services, metalwork, enclosures and potting as well as complex testing programming and configuration services.

DJ are trusted by a diverse range of clients to assist in the assembly of their products: from the providers of control systems for emergency response vehicles to the world leaders in 3D laser scanners. 

DJ is at the forefront of technical development in a huge range of industry sectors, providing the ultimate subcontracting manufacturing service, reducing unit cost, and thereby increasing the margin on sales and increasing sales volumes.

Box Build Partner – Client Y


Client Y is the world leader in access control and time management systems.

After a policy review, Client Y decided to factor out the assembly of their Access Control Units. After exhaustive market research they selected DJ as the partner of choice.

DJ now manufactures the entire suite of products for Client Y, building to a three-month build schedule which is generated in conjunction with Client Y’s worldwide sales projections.

Client Y has therefore seen an immediate increase in reliability and product consistency, combined with a lower cost to manufacture and therefore increased margins. These improvements have allowed Client Y’s sales teams to maximise volumes and increase turnover.

The focus from DJ on leveraging increased discounts on raw materials, has allowed DJ to further increase client margins whilst improving lead times and better managing the joint supply chain.

DJ Box Build allows clients, users, and suppliers to better manage their processes with no dramas and better margins. A mutually beneficial scenario for all.


Box Build Partner – Client Y

Box Build Partner – Client X


Client X are involved with the design, development, manufacture, and marketing of 3D laser scanning systems for use by architects, construction, surveyors, and landscape management services.

They were finding it increasingly difficult to keep their in-house production in line with their burgeoning sales, with customer deliveries and consistency of quality suffering as a consequence.

By utilising DJ Box Build services Client X were able to get a consistent product built to projected sales forecasts, with a known and fixed cost per unit price. As a result quality increased, they were able to better serve their client requirements and they were able to reduce stock holding and better manage their cash flow.

DJ were then able to work with Client X on sales projections, maximising volume discounts on raw material, increasing the margin on sales, resulting in increased sales volumes.

The result is better quality, reduced lead times, increased sales, and increased margins, all at a fixed and known overhead: the perfect result for all stakeholders.

Box Build Partner – Client X

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