Our Investment In Delivery

DJ Electronic Manufacturing Partners are committed to ensuring capital investment keeps pace with technological advances.

Over the last two years over £1M has been invested to ensure the best provision of Mycronic Surface Mount Technology (SMT) equipment, as well as Altium PCB design software. Ongoing significant investment is planned to keep both DJ and their partners at the cutting edge of Electronic Manufacturing.

Advanced Machinery Investment

It is critically important that DJ remain at the forefront of machine capability to produce the most advanced end products.

Our machinery includes:

  • Mycronic MY300 – the most advanced pick and place machine available
  • DEK stencil printer – a flexible and highly efficient printer
  • HB Reflow Oven – meeting various requirements for lead-free processing
  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) System – increasing customer confidence through stringent quality control
  • Delta X Wave Soldering Machine – developed over generations the Delta X is a reliable wave soldering machine which allows up to three products to be processed simultaneously
    SGS-350 selective multi-wave soldering machine – delivering best soldering quality and consistency, allowing total avoidance of manual soldering defects
  • Essemtec convection reflow oven ‘The Lizard’ – this allows effective soldering and curing, as well as zone regulation, storing of profiles and a high volume of circulating air for complex PCBs.

Our Other Services

PCB Assembly

Printed Circuit Board assembly. DJ's core competency

Box Build

Outsourced assembly processes for a quality assured single solution


DJ's cash flow solution. Components & assembly ready for immediate order


Design and prototyping from concept to production

Lifecycle Partnership

Offering support throughout product lifecycles: sourcing to obsolescence

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