pcb assembly

PCB Assembly

Printed Circuit Boards

DJ have been populating PCB assemblies since inception in the late 1990’s and it remains one of the core competencies. For the DJ of 1995 boards were mainly one or two layers with components that were large and hand placed. Today the most advanced pick and place technology is used to place components down to 01 005 on 32 layer circuit boards.


PCB Assembly historically involved hand placement of leaded components and hand soldering. This was time-consuming, detailed, and prone to human error.

Over time processes have technologically advanced and DJ has established a reputation for accuracy, diligence, and a determination to put the customer at the forefront of all company activities – this backed up by the ongoing introduction of more advanced processes.

However, the basic principles remain: to fulfil the needs of the customer as accurately, efficiently, and reliably as possible. DJ takes great pride in being able to manage the finest pitch components on the most complex multi-layered boards.

DJ are the manufacturing partner of choice for customers where technical ability and complexity are primary drivers: this is the reason the FIA F1 grid track and timing systems are full of DJ PCB assemblies: where reliability, responsiveness, and quality are literally a matter of life and death.

Emergency response vehicles, vehicle recovery companies and police services are powered by DJ boards, as are their control systems. Wherever accuracy and detail are required you will find DJ products.

Prototype Development

DJ were recommended by the best Surface Mount Pick and Place machine manufacturers for prototyping the latest battery technology for electric vehicles. The prototypes took 12 months and over 120 iterations before they were ready for production. The boards are unique in their complexity, safety-critical composition and reliability. No other company in the UK was judged to be capable of developing a board this revolutionary and groundbreaking, with this level of component placement on a thin flexible circuit.

DJ’s acknowledged expertise in flex-rigid technologies is widespread and attracting significant interest from associated cutting edge industries.

Prototype Development

PCB Volume Manufacturing

Using the same example of the battery technology, DJ are gearing up to produce thousands of boards per week which will feature in every new electric vehicle, regardless of make and manufacturer. DJ Electronic Manufacturing Partners will literally be keeping the world on the move, and in an age of electric power DJ are the partners of choice for all the top manufacturers.

PCB Volume Manufacturing

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