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Pre Production

Translating your ideas into reality

DJ’s design and development service team specialise in taking concepts through to full production.

Everything a development cycle requires is provided, from component selection to firmware programming and selection.

DJ are experienced in the engagement and management of specialists to support customers through the entire product lifecycle.

Design & Prototyping

Early steps in the process of bringing a new product to market are the design, prototyping, testing and refinement of a concept.

The DJ design and development team specialise in managing customers through this process.

The expert in-house team lead clients old and new through the concept to breadboard phase, assessing the viability of each part of circuit design, ensuring that functional requirements are met efficiently and to budget.

The evaluation and modification phase then follows, each iteration moving the product closer to its concept.

Final production prototypes are produced, with support given for evaluation, testing, certification and final sign off.

The production of Gerber files and BOM details are produced as each iteration moves the product closer to completion.

Prototyping Partnership. Client Y

Client Y approached DJ to assist them in taking a new time and attendance product through from concept to final production.

The product is part of a new suite of cloud-based products that interact across a company to provide access control, time and attendance, and security services. The product can be used throughout multisite organisations and uses advanced biometric functionality to identify and manage individuals.

Initially, DJ’s involvement existed only in conceptional form, major components were identified as key to the success of the project. Therefore DJ were tasked with securing lifetime supply of these key components through negotiation with manufacturers and franchise distribution.

The project involved liaison between PCB designers, mechanical designers, marketing teams, firmware and software writers, component suppliers, and bare board manufacturers. DJ managed the product suite through 10 iterations of prototyping, testing, and licensing as well as certification and weather testing.

DJ take great pride in their role to deliver this high profile, high value, and high tech suite of products. The journey has served to secure the product development path for Client Y over the next 10 years, enabling maintenance of their position as the primary supplier of T&A products.

Prototyping Partnership. Client Y

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PCB Assembly

Printed Circuit Board assembly. DJ's core competency

Box Build

Outsourced assembly processes for a quality assured single solution


DJ's cash flow solution. Components & assembly ready for immediate order


Capital investment has kept DJ at the cutting edge of electronic manufacturing

Lifecycle Partnership

Offering support throughout product lifecycles: sourcing to obsolescence

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