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StockPLUS is DJ’s unique offering which means DJ partner with clients to invest in and store their components and end products, without cash outlay from the clients until they are needed.

DJ can offer the peace of mind that comes with having long lead-time components and fully assembled PCBs immediately on hand.

Leadtime and Cashflow Solution

In today’s electronic component marketplace there is now an international shortage of key components. Lead times have been seen to extend to over 50 weeks, with major shortages of critical components across all marketplaces as demand builds post Covid-19.

As a response to this rise in demand DJ have introduced a mitigation scheme: StockPLUS

StockPLUS is DJ’s unique offering which means partnering with clients to build products to have completed assemblies permanently in stock awaiting clients’ call-off instructions.

Goods are invoiced at the point of delivery – not the point of manufacture. This means that customers have stock available for immediate delivery with no cash outlay. DJ can offer the peace of mind that comes with having long-lead-time components and fully assembled PCBs on hand and stored in the warehouse without the cash flow and sourcing challenges that could prohibit this convenience.

StockPLUS enables pre-orders to be completed and only invoiced when the items are shipped. This can turn 5-6 week lead-times into a matter of days. The investment by DJ allows clients to also mitigate against market volatilities and in turn deliver to their own clients in a consistent and timely way.

How else is StockPLUS beneficial


There is a global component shortage. DJ was born from an electronic component sourcing specialist, from whom the company separated in 2018.

Having maintained a strong working relationship with the former sister company DJ can now boast a unique edge in the sourcing of components.

The team is able to find long lead time components for clients to keep them supplied, whereas other manufacturers would have to stop production until specific components were sourced.

Through StockPLUS DJ undertake the financial outlay for components so that clients can draw them down without having to have a huge impact on their own cash flow.

The quality and delivery that StockPLUS offers allow DJ to manage clients’ inventory. This takes the headache out of sourcing, quality, version control, and cash flow in one, always with these partnerships taking priority in terms of customer service.

How else is StockPLUS beneficial

StockPLUS partner Client Z


Client Z make integration systems for the emergency services’ in-car information screens. These allow the drivers to have one single screen in the car that integrates the vehicle’s control screen with the emergency services’ systems. There are a number of complex boards, as each car manufacturer works differently.

DJ have developed a nimble and flexible manufacturing process that allows for sudden changes in demand and design. Boards are built to a certain point and then adapted to each order. Due to this system, Client Z are able to offer delivery in days for bespoke high complexity and in some cases encrypted boards.

DJ commit to holding high stocks of the core/base unit at DJ’s cost. Client Z forwards orders to the team who can then guarantee delivery within 5 working days.

This perfectly illustrates the benefits of the StockPLUS system, in terms of both cash flow and delivery efficiency.

StockPLUS partner Client Z

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