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With over fifteen years’ experience as a market-leading provider of PCB assemblies and electronic manufacturing services, DJ Assembly has built up a strong portfolio that spans multiple sectors and industries. But what do the companies, clients and partners that we work with say about us?

“Due to your excellent customer service yesterday you have made it possible for me to meet my deadline this Monday.

All equipment has now been tested and works as expected. I really appreciate all the work you and your team have put in over the last month to make this possible. You guys are really on the top of your game.

I have worked with a few companies similar to yours in the past and have never experienced anyone go out of their way so much just to help their customers meet deadlines. It’s really brilliant.”

“DJ has really come up with the goods! The boards look very good and the turn around was very pleasing. Moreover, thanks to the team for being so diligent in the search for these components, we are impressed with what they have done.”

“In a short time period, DJ Assembly have stepped up to the challenges of producing high quality printed circuit board assemblies… Along the way they have acted in a professional and timely manner and ensured that all communication channels were used to overcome any inevitable start-up issues.”

“Hydramotion has worked with DJ Assembly for just over 3 years and established a very good relationship. A very professional company with a very friendly approach and always willing to go that extra mile to help out a customer. I would fully recommend DJ Assembly and look forward to future long lasting business.”

“Since 2008 we have outsourced the assembly of display PCBs for our taxi meter product to DJ Assembly, who provide 100 – 200 units every month. We are extremely happy with the quality and professional workmanship that we have received. I would be happy to recommend the DJ Assembly service to any manufacturer looking to consolidate assembly overheads in order to make substantial cost savings on production.”

“Yet again, an excellent service from DJ… Thanks to all for the quick turnaround.”

“The new batch of ten samples from the vendor could be classified as ‘pristine’ when tested using the evaluation methods I have available at this time. Visually, the solder was of textbook quality. The flow looked even, no rework was apparent, the glossiness was as good as one could expect from no lead solder, and I saw no defects in any connection. I saw no damage, not even minor blemishes, on any part. All modules passed calibration and subsequent performance tests. I’ll run additional tests when possible, but the vendor appears to be a very good choice for ensuring we produce quality products.”

“All in all, I am very happy with the working relationships we have with DJ and my first points of contact are great to deal with.”