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PCB Assembly

UK Specialists in Printed Circuit Board Assemblies

In today’s uncertain climate, few OEMs want to incur the cost of owning, maintaining and staffing all the necessary equipment to keep PCB assembly in-house.

That’s where DJ Assembly comes in.

As one of the United Kingdom’s leading providers of electronic manufacturing services, we pride ourselves on being able to provide a tailored and flexible approach to production.

We can act as an extension to your own manufacturing facility to meet fluctuating demand or, alternatively, we can help out with special projects, initial runs and modifications. Therefore, you get access to a complete PCB assembly service when you require it, giving you the peace of mind and confidence to expand and improve your production without worrying about your overheads dramatically increasing.

Over the years we have formed a number of long-lasting partnerships from a diverse range of industries. Due to the complex and varying nature of the products we work with, we have heavily invested in both machinery and staff training to keep us at the forefront of the PCB sector in the UK.

As such, we have the capabilities to work with components as small as 0402 (1005 metric) and the ability to offer different assembly techniques.

The boards that we manufacture are used in many different industries and areas, including aerospace, deep sea research, and cutting-edge medical equipment. We believe that our experience and expertise in different sectors gives us the advantage of being able to offer a tailored solution that will not only meet your needs, but surpass them.

Capabilities and Technologies

At DJ Assembly we offer a wide range of PCB assembly and EMS solutions.

With customers including global companies in sectors such as aerospace and defence, automotive, medical,  and many more, our highly tramuch production team can transform your idea into a fully tested product.

Our assembly capabilities and component technologies allow us to undertake a wide range of different projects, just get in touch and see what we can do for you.

  • Through Hole & Surface Mount (SMT) Assembly
  • PCB Handling up to 400mm x 500mm
  • RoHS Compliance Production
  • Non RoHS Production – where permitted
  • Automated Optical Inspections
  • Passive components from 0402
  • QFP 26mm² with pitch down to 0.3mm
  • QFP 32mm² with pitch down to 0.3mm
  • QFP 55mm² with pitch down to 0.5mm
  • Odd form SMD components